Monday, June 29, 2009

Nail=On Head

Today I was reading Psalm 51 (coincidentally the Psalm that Jon Foreman used as inspiration/lyrics for "White as Snow") and a verse really stuck out to me in regards to what I'm endeavoring to do by writing songs.

"O Lord, open my lips
That my mouth may declare Your praise."
Psalm 51:15

That's EXACTLY what I want. It's as if David were talking for me. If God doesn't open my lips, then it's useless-I could write and write and write but never come up with something worthwhile or pleasing to God. It has to come from Him.

God, open my lips so that I may praise You.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

What do I have?

So recently I've been trying to develop the songwriter that I know is buried somewhere inside me...I've always LOVED music and occasionally had that urge and/or inspiration to not only enjoy what other people have written but to participate in the process myself. However, I've never really written anything substantial. Sure, there's the song I wrote in 10th grade that I don't remember all too well (what i DO remember makes me cringe a bit!) and bits and pieces here and there, but nothing that I would feel comfortable sharing if you asked me about it.

Until now.

When I was at the STP in San Diego at the beginning of summer I ended up writing a song with Mr. Danny de la Huerta called "Still I Rejoice." As a result of that experience I've been dabbling a bit with writing other songs. So far I've got two that are somewhat close to being at a point where I would consider playing them for someone.

So why this blog? Because I want a place where I can share either lyrics or melodies or complete songs that I come up with and somewhere to get maybe a little feedback: I figure since I'm already following other people's blogs and contributing to another blog here on blogger that it's a good place to start. So we'll see how it goes.